Piega SA



       Brighten HiFi & AV Equipments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd佰籁镫音响是由国内外业界资深人事共同创办,旨在代理、推广、销售、服务国内外知名影音品牌及其产品,努力推广“品质视听,服务相随”的经营理念,并积极创造“开心、诚心、尽心”的顾客体验。在2018年之际,公司取得了诸多国际知名音响和功放名品大中华地区的总代理权,其中包括瑞士的PIEGA品歌、美国的KLH和来自捷克BLOCKAUDIO等。

      Brighten HiFi & AV Equipments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between domestic and foreign industry professionals. It aims to represent, promote, sell and serve well-known domestic and international audio-visual brands and their products, and strive to promote "quality audio-visual services. Follow the business philosophy and actively create a "happy, sincere, dedicated" customer experience. In 2018, the company obtained the general agency rights of many internationally renowned audio and power amplifiers in Greater China, including the Swiss PIEGA songs, the US KLH and the Czech BLOCKAUDIO.